I want a report that shows…

a list of user base license assignment and last usage date


A table report that shows username (UPN), department, type of recipient (User, Mailbox, Disabled User) as well as the license in a Boolean format (Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams)

The report shows the last activity date for the same workloads (Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams).

This report can be used to identify disabled users with assigned licenses, or users with no activity for XX days, and an assigned license or users which are not using all the capabilities of an advanced license and hence could be downgraded.

What questions does this report address?

Which user has which license assigned?

Licenses can be expensive and so one of the aspects of managing this cost is knowing who has which license assigned to them. This report shows you that information.

When was each main workload accessed by users?

Having a license assigned to a user, and that user making use of a workload associated with that license can be two distinct things. This report will make it clear which users access which workload.

Are there users I can downgrade from E5 to E3 or from E3 to E1?

If users have not accessed particular workloads in a long time, perhaps their license can be downgraded? This report will give you some information to help you make that sort of decision, saving your organization money, or allowing for advanced licensed to be used in other parts of the organization.

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